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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I used to hurry to finish, but now, its fun to enjoy the process (poem)

A painting evolves
from a thought,
with a sketch,
into colors.

It takes few hours
over weeks,
pointing its,

I used to come home
from school and,
rush through the
HW to play.

I did this so that I could
enjoy all evening,
outside playing
with friends.

I did so at the cost of
sloppy handwriting,
+ lying to teacher,
with excuses.

I would say with a face,
that I had a hard time,
doing in candle-light;
so she'd praise me.

Back then, I had it clear,
doing HW can't be fun,
and the fun is later,
with friends.

 Looking back, ever since
throughout studying,
cooking, washing,
fun was later on.

Now, the Grace of presence,
is showing me the rainbows,
inside a bowl/wall,
from crystal.

And the breeze hug under tree,
 mimicking the walking bird,
pretend flying with a sway,
the  "enjoyment" is now.
God Help Surrender

Friday, April 4, 2014

oh la la my fast forward mind (poem)

Each one of my thoughts and actions
revolve around my sharing with people
about what I did or I am planning to do
constantly seeking appreciation/company.

I was enjoying dancing in the heavy rain,
and I thought about sharing with a friend,
or knock at a friend's door to dance with;
when my goal is having fun, right here & now.

And, when I am still thinking of joining a pottery class,
my thoughts run into, who I would share the bowls with,
or may be I will become a leading brand selling bowl lady;
when my goal is to simply have fun & play with liquid mud.

God help Surrender

Monday, March 31, 2014

Connections just happen (poem)

Moments of connection happen,
they can't be planned or wished.

Then, why am I wasting energy
in chasing  dream interactions?
God Help Surrender

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why fear? (poem)

I stepped out for a walk on rainy day, when it was not.
Soon, it started drizzling and I turned back to return.

The dhani-dhani drops touching face, made me smile.
When I started rushing, they directed me to slow.

I looked up to the sky, and felt the falling droplets.
Then, I feared leather slipper & hair, getting bad.

But, when I saw the snail, birds 'n' plants "cool".
I crossed my home and continued to walk.

God Help Surrender

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yeh jo mind hai na..., wishes and plans a lot (poem)

When my husband hugs our son before leaving,
my mind is thinking, he is coming over to me next,
but he steps down, saying he may be returning early,
I am sitting in my chair, planning hugging when he comes.
God help Surrender 

Yeh jo mind hai na..., bus compliments hi dhondhta rehta hai(poem)

When I am dancing to my favorite folk music,
I think about a childhood friend, I danced with,
Then I see us dancing again at some local festival,
And being complimented for the performance by all.
God help Surrender

Friday, March 14, 2014

The healing power of "Kiss" (poem)

My 10 year old son showed me his hurting nail,
which was hit by a ball thrown towards him at school.

When I touched his finger, he "oouched" out loud in pain,
I immediately kissed his finger, he retrieved it as if shocked.

I explained, "love heals like magic", which his big mind denied,
but after an hour he came downstairs to tell me, it no longer hurts.

I looked at him with questioning eyes, "Now you agree, kiss worked?"
He said, "well, it could be....", but to me it was proven, pretty loud and clear.

God Help Surrender