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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We are the world, lets make it a better place, just you and me...

To honor another (from a place of oneness) is honoring ourselves; for we are all one. This is the mission of the nonprofit organization - Follow Thy Heart. And as a Physicist, I observe it happening all around me as an experiential evidence of Newton’s 3rd law, namely, action and reaction are equal and opposite. In real world it translates to, whatever I send out, comes back to me. By honoring the same divinity residing in everyone’s heart, I am honoring mine and by doing so we are all beginning to connect, via our hearts. Its a humble step towards creating a world full of love, using the thread of Divine love.

Since Feb., 2012, I have been blessed to follow my heart in honoring all beings. One of the ways I accomplish this is by serving food (which is of the same quality that I serve my own children) - with honor to all beings in my Universe. By my Universe I mean, wherever I am; be it with kids in an underprivileged school in East Palo Alto, or on San Antonio Road to the construction workers operating under extreme heat/traffic. Sometimes, the offering is to the gardeners mowing the lawns and other times, it is to the cleaners, cleaning my bathroom. At times, it has been to someone hungry-and-cold standing outside Walmart begging for food or the day workers waiting for work outside Fresh Choice/Home Depots. In India, it was the young kids who pick up trash and the servants. Each time I have offered young coconuts, cut watermelon, baked cakes, offered Thai food/frozen yogurt (from our families favorite restaurants), shared healing food or (in India) served them inside McDonald/restaurants; I could experience world transforming in their uplifted spine, soft eyes and affectionate byes.

I love God and in serving (which is my privilege) I have discovered the joy of fulfillment.

I am aspiring to continue buying fruits, groceries, disposable cups/plates and offer home cooked healing food to more and more people in our communities. If it inspires you, write to me, pray that this purpose finds all that it needs or offer heartfelt checks/gift cards from Safeway and Whole Foods. Thanks for reading.

God Bless you,

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